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Fallout 3

by Inon Zur

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 WAX Special

Prepare for a curse this week with CURSEBREAKER X, the brand new album from VGM WAX Award winning composer EQUIP! Pressed on gorgeous pink with blue splatter vinyl by 100% Electronica, this new album from Kevin Hein is here to transport you to a magical and transformative world. This week I sat down with Kevin to take a peek behind the ethereal curtain of what makes this album so special. Join me as we reunite the Sanguine Edge and Lightbringer!

Equip Review Spalsh.PNG

Review #49

“Kevin delivers a world overflowing with ripe imaginations and visuals that allow you to truly become lost inside his palace of notes.”


It's always a pleasure to work with EQUIP and listen to Kevin's music. As one of my favorite artists this week was truly a great experience for me to help tell his story and the creation of this album. This is without a doubt one of the best albums to be released this year and it means the world to be able to share a part of it with all of you!

In other news, If you saw at the top of the homepage, I just launched a Patreon for the site. This is something that I ruminate quite a bit about, and felt like it was the next logical step in this site's longevity. I've been at this for almost a year, and it has honestly changed my life. If you want to help support me in this next chapter of new content creation, feel free to head over to the Patreon page I set up and start this new journey with me!


𝔄 ℭ𝔲𝔯𝔰𝔢 𝔞𝔴𝔞𝔦𝔱𝔰 𝔶𝔬𝔲...

 WAX Wednesday

Load up and set forth into the Gungeon with doseone's lyrical exploration of his soundtrack to Enter the Gungeon. The Heart in Halves EP is a hip-hop infused video game music paradise that will leave you dodge rolling as the beats come flying off your turntable. Limited to 1,000 copies, this collab pressing between Laced Records and Devolver Digital is definitely unique, and definitely something you should own!

Gungeon Splash.PNG

Review #48

“Like a chamber emptying it's rounds, doseone surrounds you in the symphony of his own design, using your ears for target practice.”

Locked & Loaded

Finally got all settled into the new place this week. Slowly going to be unpacking over the next little while so definitely expect some differences in the way content is presented on the site. Next week will be a special WAX Friday review where we will be taking a deep dive into the Catacombs of an epic new release. Keep your needles locked into the grooves!


Pew! Pew!

 VGM WAX Moves Wednesday

Welcome to the wonderful world of Punkémon this week with Gotta Rock 'Em All!. Pressed in 2017 by Sounds Rad this deluxe 7" release is here to knock your socks off with this fast and punchy punk grooves!

Punkemon Review Splash.PNG

Review #108?

“As a 7" release this two-song record packs an insanely nostalgic, and memorable punch that will leave you singing long after it’s done spinning.”

Defense Curl

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. This past week has been pretty crazy in the VGM WAX world. I'm currently in the middle of moving so the pictures for this week feature a different background and surface entirely. Apologies for those expecting that classic VGM WAX style. Hopefully, I was still able to give the release some justice with my shots. I don't think it turned out half bad at all. Keep your needles in the groove because I have a killer review and interview coming up later this month that you do not want to miss! Much love to you all!



 WAX Wednesday


Grab that controller and enter the ethereal and fuzzy world of OST (1).rar by R23X. Pressed for the first time ever on neon "energy orb" pink vinyl by Yetee Records, the debut album from this VGM Vaporwave master has found its home on vinyl. Are you ready to get lost in this lo-fi journey? Slide in that VHS and press play because it's time to awaken the hero that dwells within!

OST (1).rar Review Splash.PNG

Review #46

“The compositions here are just whimsically raw and encapsulate the found sound genre in the new age, all while being totally and completely removed from time.”


Two R23X releases in the span of a month? This truly is a blessed timeline we've found ourselves in isn't it? I feel absolutely privileged to be able to take a look at this release along with SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent in such short proximity to each other. As I've stated before, R23X is the artist that got me into vaporwave in the first place and is one of the best artists in the industry. Feel free to check out my previous interview with Marc and read about all of the awesome magic that went into making both of these releases a reality in my review for SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent. Thanks for reading!



 WAX Wednesday


Head to another dimension this week with Axiom Verge by Thomas Happ. Pressed on purple marble vinyl by Ship to Shore PhonoCo., the soundtrack to this hit indie gem is on vinyl, and it's never sounded better!

Axiom Verge Review Splash.PNG

Review #45

“Axiom Verge isn't just a game or an experience, it's a transformation of one man's own dreams into a reality.”

Hard Times

This week has been pretty rough for me. My brother has been in the hospital since last Thursday with liver problems since his surgery three weeks ago, so things have been pretty hectic here in the VGM WAX space. If you ever feel overwhelmed or alone just remember that you're not. Things will get better and you can overcome anything you set your heart and mind to. If you ever need someone to talk with or reach out to feel free to drop a line on social media, or via email. I'd love to chat! Keep breathing, and move on from one day to the next until you've come out the other side a better person. Much love!


just breathe

 WAX Wednesday


Uncover the mysteries behind the destruction of Berlin this week with Shadowrun: Dragonfall by Jon Everist. Pressed on clear & black vinyl by Black Screen Records comes the soundtrack to the critically-acclaimed expansion to the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun reboot. As Jon’s first foray into video game music, this album is a testament to everything cyberpunk should be!

Shadowrun Dragonfall Review Splash.PNG

Review #44

“From sweeping orchestral strings to skull-vibrating synths, what Jon has done for the Shadowrun series is nothing short of incredible.”


It’s always a pleasure to look at one of Black Screen Records’ releases. As the first label ever featured here on the site, they definitely hold a special place in my heart. Each release has so much love poured into it; they are definitely one of the premiere labels in the industry in my opinion. As a massive fan of Jon’s work it’s always a fun day when I get to spend some quality time pouring over one of his albums. His work on Shadowrun is just paramount. Get your jacks ready because it’s time to plug in!


Do you like our owl?

 WAX Wednesday


Float off into a melodic string filled world this week with Florence by Kevin Penkin. Pressed on “Cello Yellow” vinyl by iam8bit, the soundtrack to Mountains’ & Annapurna Interactive's award-winning mobile game is now on vinyl. This is one gorgeous release that you do not want to miss.

Florence Review Splash.PNG

Review #43

“With all of its trepid highs and moody lows, this album throws you through a gambit of emotions that is just simply memorable.”

Float On

This game was a special thing to experience and was even more special to experience the music on vinyl. This is seriously one of the best mobile games I have ever played, and it’s music and story is something that has stuck with me ever since I finished it. Kevin Penkin has always been one of my favorite artists since his Defender’s Quest release, and this album is no exception to his stellar work. I highly recommend you check this one out!



 WAX Wednesday


Grab that old VCR and pop in a tape because this week I’m taking you behind the glitchy curtain of SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent by R23X. Pressed for the first time ever on vinyl by Plus100 Records, this lo-fi vgm inspired vaporwave album has returned in the form of a release on white with mint green splatter, and a re-release of the original audiovisual experience on VHS. This week I sat down with R23X (Marc Junker) to find out just what makes this album so special! Get your tracking calibrated because it's time to dive deep into R23X's experimental world!

Sound_Track Review Splash.PNG

Review #42

“From his original VHS Stills concept to R23X’s ephemeral beats, what Marc has accomplished here is incredible.”


▌─ ─ ─║─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─▐


 WAX Wednesday


Grab your pickaxe and delve deep under Tumbleton this week with SteamWorld Dig by Jonas Kjellberg & H.M. Hammarin. Pressed on “Dirt-Brown” vinyl by Fangamer, the western ambient electronic soundtrack to Image & Form Games' indie hit has found its way to vinyl, and it's an absolute treat!

SteamWorld Dig Review Splash.PNG

Review #41

“With a deeply atmospheric and electronic take on classical western sounds, it's no doubt in my mind that Jonas Kjellberg and H.M. Hammarin completely solidified the SteamWorld universe with their unique sound.”

Next Week!

Be sure to dust off your VHS players for next week as I'll be sitting down with Marc Junker (R23X) to lift the lid on his new release with Plus 100 Records. So make sure you calibrate your tracking, because we will be taking a deep dive into SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent!





Head off to the jazzy world of Eagleland this week with Debug Records’ debut vinyl release of ErichWK’s Mother Fucking Earthbound. Pressed on stunning clear blue with green splatter vinyl, this love letter to one of the greatest games of all time is here to carry you off into Erich’s wonderful world of sounds. Get ready for the longest VGM WAX review to date, as I sit down with Caleb of Debug Records and Erich Beckmann to get under the grooves of how the album came to fruition!

MFEB Review Splash.PNG

Review #40

“From concept to reality, what has been achieved here is nothing short of a milestone.”

Welcome Back!

When I started this project back in September of last year, I had no idea that I would ever get the opportunity to share stories like the one from this week. When I began writing my reviews for VGM WAX, my idea was to make short little ramblings of releases that would hopefully help people make an informed decision on what to add to their collections next. I feel so fortunate to be able to share the love and passion that creators have for their work with all of you. I hope it helps you like it does me to gain an even greater appreciation for the music we all love so much that we want to cherish it forever on vinyl.


“…I’m h…a…p…p…y…”

WAX Wednesday


Call your banners and meet me on the front line this week with Wargroove by Phonetic Hero. Pressed on red vinyl by Yetee Records, the soundtrack to Chucklefish's epic turn-based strategy game is here! I sat down with Pete "Phonetic Hero" Lepley to discovery the wonderful story behind the grooves of this release. Adjust that counterweight and let's get to tracking into the wonderful world of Aurania!

Wargroove Review Splash.PNG

Review #39

“Pete's music is not only a journey through the world of Aurania, it's a journey through his love of gaming, his love of music, and his love for Wargroove.”

I’m Feeling A Little Buggy

Next week is going to be a big one. I am very excited to help promote a new label's release! Make sure you track your needles back here next WAX Wednesday where I will be covering the amazing first release from Debug Records, Mother Fucking Earthbound by ErichWK. I'm quite positive you won't want to miss it! Much love from me, and I'll catch you around the vaporverse!



 WAX Wednesday


Ascend the mountain this week as we uncover the time-bending mystery behind the soundtrack to Sabotage Studio's The Messenger with Rainbowdragoneyes. Pressed on Past and Future vinyl by iam8bit, the soundtrack to this 8 and 16-bit action platformer will take you on a journey through time and back again!

The Messenger Review Splash.PNG

Review #38

“Hypnotic bass beats and electronic hums come to life as Rainbowdragoneyes’ wizard-like notes run across the wall like tiny notated ninjas.”

Ask A Ninja!

When iam8bit announced this soundtrack, I was completely blown away considering my friend was telling me to check out this game and it's soundtrack a week prior to this vinyl's announcement. Getting to experience the game and it's soundtrack in such a coincidental way just added to the enjoyment I had with this record. This is seriously one of the most unique soundtrack experiences I think I have ever witnessed. The amount of work and time that went into crafting these two unique experiences will completely blow any chiptune fan away.

It was an extreme pleasure to pick Rainbowdragoneyes’ brain about his work on this soundtrack. Please consider helping to support his move. Check out the sale on his Bandcamp and merch pages. Use the code FEEDME to get 50% off your order until the end of June, and help Mr. Rainbowdragoneyes relocate to a brand new home! Hope you enjoy the interview!


“I look forward to killing you soon.”

 WAX Wednesday


Discover the life of a group of AIs this week with Thomas Was Alone by David Housden. Pressed on red vinyl by Black Screen Records, the soundtrack to Mike Bithell’s revolutionary indie game is here to stay on vinyl, and has never sounded better. Jump into David's electronic world of notes now!

Thomas Was Alone Review Splash.PNG

Review #37

“David's work here on Thomas Was Alone is not only a crowning achievement in his career, but a capstone in what will be revered as one of the greatest games to ever come out of this generation of indie titles.”

Happy Pride Month!

Big love to all of you out there who have struggled to feel a part of the world we have all found ourselves in. I hope you all continue to grow, flourish, and become the best version of yourself that you want to be. Thank you so much for your support and for reading my content, it means more than you could ever know. Keep spreading the love!



 WAX Wednesday


Enter the insane and electronic BIT.TRIP universe this week with BIT.TRIP The Greatest Chips by Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Nullsleep, Anamanaguchi, and minusbaby. Pressed on a mesmerizing Rainbow Trail picture disc and white vinyl by iam8bit, this compilation release spanning every BIT.TRIP game is a trek through the bright and colorful playground from Choice Provisions.

BIT TRIP Review Splash.PNG

Review #36

“Cascading through pixels and rainbow traces of beats has never felt better…”

❤️ Happy Anniversary! ❤️

Tomorrow on May 30th will be 10 years since I let the love of my life and best friend into my life. My fiancée is seriously the best person in my life and I would be nowhere near the person I am today without her support and help through this past decade. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life to continue pushing me into being the best version of myself that I can be. Her continued support of VGM WAX since I started this project has been one of my favorite journeys with her over the past year. Whether it's by helping pick releases to cover or edit the words that you all read every week, I owe her everything in helping me make this platform the best it can be each week. Thank you so much Michelle for all you do for VGM WAX and for me. I love you with all my heart. Here's to another ten years!


You're My Diamond

 WAX Wednesday


Strap into the cockpit this week and take the fight to the ORN Empire. From Data Discs comes Takeshi Yoshida & Toshiharu Yamanishi's genre and console-defining soundtrack to the classic shoot 'em up Thunder Force IV. Spread across the 3 LPs is the complete score to Technosoft's masterpiece. What are you waiting for? The ship is ready!

Thunder Force IV Review Splash.PNG

Review #35

“Quasar bits and black hole bass lines will draw you ever deeper into this journey to the center of each sides galaxy of grooves and tunes.”

Pew! Pew!

This soundtrack was such a pleasure to listen to. I had never heard of this game or it's music before it was announced by Data Discs. Shoot 'Em UPS have never been anything I was very skilled at, but after seeing the remake on Nintendo Switch I had to take the deep dive into what I heard was one of the genres greatest. I have to say, this game and its music is truly exquisite in every sense of the word. If you have not checked this album or the game it comes from, I highly recommend you do so -- you won't regret it!


Lightening Force!

WAX Wednesday


Welcome to the nightmarish world of Death Mark this week! From Aksys Games and Experience Inc. comes Naoaki Jimbo’s score to this dark and dangerous visual novel and adventure game. Venture forth into a journey where your choices may be the difference between life and death!

Death Mark Review Splash.PNG

Review #34

“Haunting and chilling in his compositions, Naoaki's work here is a beautiful journey through the maws of death and back.”


I have limited stock left of VGM WAX shirts from my initial run last year. I made these mainly for friends and family and to send out to the winners of the VGM WAX Awards 2018. If you are interested in acquiring one of these limited shirts hit me up on my social media pages or via email at I will even throw in a random VGM WAX sticker with your order!

Thanks so much for your support!


Back to the pressing plant.

 WAX Wednesday


Crawl out of bed this week and join me as we take a journey through the wonderful Kanto Region. A tribute to Junichi Masuda's original Pokémon soundtracks comes Trevor Alan Gomes’ Piano Collections: Pokémon Red & Blue. Pressed on white with blue and red splatter as well as black vinyl by Materia Collective, this journey through the music that defined a game that molded a generation is finally here on vinyl. From successful Kickstarter to turntable, let's catch ‘em all!

Pokemon Piano Review Splash.PNG

Review #33

“Let yourself be carried off to a whimsical parade through the nostalgic waves of the past as Trevor guides you along this expedition on his ivory and ebony cascade of notes.”

Lights… Camera… Action!!!

This weekend Detective Pikachu hits the big screens. I have to say I am pretty excited to see Pokémon in this realistic style. From what I’ve seen of the previews and trailers, I fully expect this to be an incredible fanservice fest full of incredible visuals. I thought it would be fitting to cover Trevor and Materia Collective’s release this week considering how special this moment is going to be for fans world wide. I can’t wait to see it!


Pika! Pika!

 WAX Wednesday


Trek through the frigid wastelands this week with Frostpunk by Piotr Musiał. Pressed on white vinyl by gamemusic records, the soundtrack to 11 bit studios’ dystopian, alt-history city builder is here to trap you in it’s icy grasp.

Frostpunk Splash.PNG

Review #32

“Filled to the brim with imagery, Piotr’s tenacious score pulls you in so subtly that you can’t help but get stuck in it’s frozen grasp.“


This has kind of been a stressful week for me. The computer I used to build this site and start the VGM WAX project kicked the bucket after eight long years. This same computer got me through my entire college career and has carried me through many video game stories over the years. I am sad to see it go, but thankfully all of the data I had on it is safe and secure. If anyone has any leads on a good PC or any advice on a good one to buy or build, hit me up. I am definitely in the market!


01010010 00101110 01001001 00101110 01010000 00101110

 WAX Wednesday


Kick back and relax this week with Zelda & Chill by Mikel and GameChops. Pressed on heavy weight black vinyl by Materia Collective, this lo-fi hip hop tribute to the Zelda universe is a much needed break for your adventurous heart.

Zelda & Chill Splash.PNG

Review #31

“From the wind swept fields of Hyrule to your turntable at home, what Mikel and the team at GameChops and Materia Collective have achieved here is pure Zelda bliss.”

Chillin’ Out!

Another Materia Collective release, another Zelda album. It seems to be a super popular thing to cover in the video game music scene. I can’t really complain -- Zelda has ingrained itself as being a cornerstone franchise, and the work Koji Kondo and Nintendo has achieved is nothing short of amazing. I know some people might be getting tired of how saturated the Zelda arrangement scene has gotten, but for me, the albums are so unique in their own way and a pleasure to listen to. I wouldn’t be hurt to see some other classic game series’ get the same love as Zelda. The more music the better in my opinion. Definitely can’t wait to see what’s next from Mikel!


Let’s break some pots!

WAX Wednesday


I hope you brought an umbrella this week, because we are taking a stroll through the wonderful sounds of James Primate’s Rain World. Pressed on “Marine Translucent and Violet,” as well as glow-in-the-dark vinyl by Black Screen Records, Rain World has a rich and beautiful story behind its grooves and one that I am happy to share with you all. Sit back, breathe in the fresh rain-soaked air, and take a look as we uncover the nightmare-fueled soundtrack that is Rain World.

Rain World Splash 1.PNG

Review #30

“All it takes is one drop of the needle, and you are literally in the heart of James’ electric and ambient jungle of experimental reign.”


Man, what a wild week this has been. This has been one of the most in-depth articles I think I have worked on yet here at VGM WAX. I am so happy that I got to talk with James about his inspirations, memories, and experiences while working on Rain World. I am completely and truly grateful to be able to share all of this with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together. Thanks James & Kevin for making this a truly special VGM WAX moment for me to share with the world.

NES Pin Land.png

Here’s something cool! Dane “KungfuQuickness” Baudoin, design wizard over at Black Screen Records and collaborator on Rain World’s packaging, just recently put out a pin on his Etsy to celebrate video game music vinyl. I absolutely love mine, and it has instantly become one of my favorite pins in my collection. Go over to the Etsy page to grab one for yourself and support good art!


Back to the pressing plant!

WAX Wednesday


Enter a world of blossoming dreams and leave the whole world behind this week with Flower by Vincent Diamante. Pressed on blue marble and white with blue vinyl by iam8bit, this 2xLP soundtrack to thatgamecompany’s 2009 classic is a melodic and peaceful journey that will leave you relaxed in its grooves.

Flower Review Splash.PNG

Review #29

“Flower is not just a soundtrack, it's a state of mind that transports you to an entirely different realm, all within thirty-three and a third revolutions per minute.”

In Bloom

This was one that I was pretty excited to cover. I never played this game until I owned a Playstation 4, and boy did I miss out as an Xbox 360 owner. This game and its music is such an experience, one that I think everyone should expose themselves to. I don't think I had ever been enamored by such a pure and simple video game experience before! It completely blew me away.

Stay tuned next week for when Spring really opens up. Rain has always been one of my favorite things in this World…


Next week’s forecast calls for showers.

WAX Wednesday


Get ready to dive into the darkness this week with Sins of Hyrule by Rozen. Pressed on black vinyl by Materia Collective, this album chronicles the creation and downfall of the glorious Kingdom of Hyrule. Donned in a shroud of gloom, Sins of Hyrule is a retrospective look into the troubled past and future of one of gaming’s most beloved universes.

Sins of Hyrule Splash.PNG

Review #28

Sins of Hyrule swallows everything in its path, breeding in the shadows of the room it fills…”


Returning to Rozen’s work after a long hiatus was a fun and exhilarating experience. His Ballads of Hyrule was the second release I covered when I started my website, and was one of my favorite releases from last year. It is wild to look back at this site when it was in its infancy! This sort of feels like a capstone in a way. I have grown a lot from then and continue to write more and fill into this job I love. I certainly can’t wait to see where I will be when I review another Rozen release. I’m sure things will be even better than they are now as this industry continues to grow and flourish. Thank you so much for reading!


“Tell me... Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?”

WAX Wednesday


Hop out of the trenches with a Chainsword and wade into the front lines this week with Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine by Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan. Pressed on blue and white vinyl by Laced Records, this soundtrack to one of the most chaotic stories in the Warhammer is well worth a listen. Is it worth owning? Let’s find out!

Space Marine Review Splash.PNG

Review #27

“Frantic and industrial percussive elements draw you into the front lines of this epic war story.“

Deploying the Ultramarines

This album is definitely one of those that I didn’t expect to ever get released on vinyl. The memories I have playing the multiplayer for this game are ones that I will cherish forever. This game is seriously one of the most underrated games in the entire series and has some great music. If you haven’t checked this game out, I highly recommend it. You can more than likely find it pretty cheap, and if you can find a group to play the multiplayer with I guarantee you will have a great time!


Back to the front!

 WAX Wednesday


Stock up on your mana and launch a few fireballs because this week we are taking an exclusive in-depth look at Jean Chan’s Wizorb. Pressed on red and blue orb picture disc vinyl by Yetee Records, this is one chiptune soundtrack that you don’t want to miss!

Wizorb Review Splash.PNG

Review #26

“Lackadaisical bits, cascading chiptune trills, and a triplet bassline carry you off into this perilous and challenging box-exploding, orb-bouncing adventure! “


This soundtrack was an absolute blast to cover. I remember picking this game up as part of the Humble Indie Bundle 6. This was when I was first exposed to the game and it’s soundtrack as it was included with the bundle price. Man, what an experience it was to get such a hidden gem amongst all the other legendary indie games at the time! The thing that stood out to me most about this game was the soundtrack and just how intoxicating it was. I hope you all enjoy the review, and most of all enjoy the music!


Break some blocks, save the kingdom!

WAX Wednesday


 Fall off the log and tumble down the waterfall with me this week as we uncover the journey of a lifetime with Switched On: Secret of Mana by Switched On SNES. This album is the next release in a series of analog arrangement covers of gaming's most beloved soundtracks. Pressed on an array of colors by Subtropic Records, the soundtrack to Secret of Mana has been reborn in a myriad of analogous tones that will take you back to the good old days!

SoM Review Splash.PNG

Review #25

“Every dark cavern, abandoned castle, dangerous grove, and treacherous desert you remember is adorned in beautiful analog fashion.”

“No way to get back up! Now what am I going to do?”

Welcome back for another review. This week was a fun one! I absolutely love Secret of Mana and it's soundtrack is something that I have always regarded as one of my favorite from the 16bit era. This recreation of all those classic tunes I remember and love was a fun trip down memory lane. I have recently been playing the remaster on the Playstation 4, and I have to say it is a blast to revisit. I really hope this version gets released on the Switch, or we possibly see a port of the Seiken Densetsu Collection over here in the West. Hit me up on social media and let me know what some of your favorite classic games are! I’ll see you all on the next one.

What’s this?!? A cat merchant! Better check and see what’s in stock! ;)

WAX Wednesday


Get ready to INSERT YOUR SOUL this week as we are taking a galloping leap into Pony Island by Jonah Senzel, pressed on clear vinyl by Black Screen Records. This album packs a serious punch so sit back, relax, and let the bits flow over you.

Pony Island Review Splash.PNG

Review #24

“From breakneck beats to serene and tranquil melodies, this one will have you reaching for your sugar cubes in no time!“


Welcome back for another review. This album is really great and honestly one that flew completely under my radar when it came out. If you have not checked this one out, I highly recommend you do. Give the review a read and the album a listen, you won't be disappointed I assure you!

I have some crazy things in the works, so keep yourself locked into that groove. If you haven't already, sign up for the First Pressing List so you can stay up to date on a few things coming in the future!


Something’s coming…

 WAX Wednesday


Come gather some loot and try a few runs this week with Dead Cells by Yoann Laulan. Pressed on “translucent orange and violet” vinyl by Laced Records, the soundtrack to this indie hit has found a new home on vinyl, and it sounds absolutely incredible!

Dead Cells Review Splash.PNG

Review #23

“Far away melodic strumming floats you through the dark and decrepit depths of these energetic and chilling orchestrations…”

Welcome Back!

Thank you all for coming back again this week as I take a deeper look into the soundtracks that fill out my collection. I’m still working on some of the backend on the site and hopefully making it easier for you all to browse around and explore the fantastic people who make all of the releases I cover possible. I’ll see you all next week!


Don’t forget to clean your stylus!

WAX Wednesday


Hop into a new timeline this week with Ben Prunty’s Into the Breach. Pressed on “translucent, smoky green” vinyl by Fangamer this album is a real treat for fans of the game and Ben’s work as a whole. This is one seriously gorgeous release! 

Into the Breach Splash.PNG

Review #22

“Into the Breach is a haunting, voracious look into eons of robotic domination.“


I have been pouring over a ton of website revisions this past weekend. The reviews are now under a new section of the site labeled “reviews” instead of “blog.” I think this makes way more sense, and is more honest about what I am doing here with this project. A couple other pages on the site have seen some revisions, namely the “Artists” and “Record Label” pages. Artists are being updated to have their own pages on VGM WAX, where you can see all of their social media pages and where they have been featured on this site. The same goes for the record labels: they have been overhauled to have their own pages, and they will also start to feature articles from here on the site in their respective sections. I hope that some of these redesigns make the site more user friendly and help the usability for those who wish to explore. Thank you so much for your continued support -- I’ll see you all next week with another review!


“Once more unto the breach…”

WAX Wednesday


Sit back and take a couple of turns to conquer the galaxy this week with FlybyNo's soundtrack to Amplitude Studio's 4X strategy game, Endless Space 2. Pressed on stunning transparent blue vinyl by G4F Records, you'll be drifting through space in no time!


Blog Post #21

“FlybyNo’s gorgeous and ethereal chart floats the listener amongst the stars of his own design.”

Blog Post #21 has arrived! Time to party!

Thanks for coming back another week to enjoy some awesome music with me. I really enjoyed my time with this one and I know you will too. FlybyNo is one of those composers that never really disappoints, and I am super happy to be able to listen to his stunning arrangements on vinyl! These are super limited, so don't hesitate to support G4F Records and treat yo’ self to a new record!



WAX Wednesday


This week we are taking a look at Cosmic Star Heroine Vol. 1 by HyperDuck SoundWorks. Pressed on an array of stunning colors by Ship to Shore PhonoCo., this album to the beloved indie gem will pump you up for whatever battles lie ahead!


Blog Post #20

“Cosmic Star Heroine's pure jazzy and synthetic rock anthems are as transcendent as the game it inhabits.“

All The Variants!

I decided to go a little overboard with this release and pick up every possible variant I could. I just love this game and the music that inhabits its world. Ship to Shore definitely went above and beyond with these releases, and made them fairly accessible. I am pretty happy with how all of these turned out and each color sounds impeccable on my table!


Back to the pressing plant!

WAX Wednesday


Let’s jump into another 16 bit era tribute this week with Saskrotch’s Zones (Act 1 & 2)! Pressed on “Royal Blue” vinyl by Yetee Records, this album’s fast paced rhythm will keep you grooving from side A to side B. This weeks article is a little different, as I have done a small Q&A session with Saskrotch to lift the lid on what makes this album so special! No relaxing with this one — it’s time to go fast! 

Zones Blog.PNG

Blog Post #19

“Saskrotch will enclose you in a symphony of bits that will make you come back again and again.”

You're too sloooooow!

I decided to change things up a bit and bring some fresh content to the weekly review format. I hope you all enjoy learning a little bit more about the man behind the music on this one. Please don’t hesitate in heading over to Saskrotch’s Bandcamp page and giving him a follow and listen to some great music while you’re there. There’s even a little “Adopt a 'Skrotch” button over there if you feel like supporting him to continue making awesome tunes! Saskrotch even has a Twitch channel if you would prefer to head over there and chat with him while he plays games. Please let me know how you all enjoyed the article this week and don’t forget to give me a follow over on social media!


Gotta go fast!

WAX Wednesday


Hop into the Arwing and strap in tight because this week we are barrel rolling into Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions. Pressed on “Corneria Planet" blue and green swirl vinyl by Yetee Records & Materia Collective, we will hear an absolutely incredible roster of indie musicians including Smooth McGroove, Saskrotch, R23X, EQUIP, Slime Girls, and Jackson Alexander Parodi. This tribute to beloved Nintendo title Star Fox is here to blow you away.

Fortuna Blog.PNG

Blog Post #17

“…a soft and transcendent journey that will whisk you away on a flight amongst the stars”


The Next Chapter

I have chosen to step down from my full time job to pursue my dream full time — the biggest part of that dream is this website. Get prepped to see a lot more content in the next coming months as I continue to flesh out the remainder of the site. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take me, and I am so happy to be sharing it with each and every one of you who support me every week. Thank you for all that you do and continue striving to be the best version of yourself you can be. I know I will!


Back to the pressing plant, Fox!

WAX Wednesday


 Warp through time this week with Quantum Break by Petri Alanko. Pressed on clear with black splatter vinyl by iam8bit Quantum Break is a musically bone-chilling science fiction journey that stands on its own. Whether you are a fan of the game Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft has put together or not, one thing is for certain Petri Alanko’s musical genius is a superb delight to enjoy!

Quantum Break Blog.PNG

Blog Post #16

“Petri Alanko will take you on a spine-twisting warp through reality and back.”



I have got to say, Quantum Break was actually an enjoyable game to me. I remember back in the day when it came out and it received pretty polarizing reviews/reception, but the general consensus was that Remedy missed the mark with this one. Science fiction stories hold a special place in my heart and Quantum Break was just cheesy and B-Grade film-like enough for me to thoroughly enjoy it. I feel like if people where to take a look back at this game and give it a fair shake they’d see the potential and hard work that was put into this uniquely interactive game. With Petri’s score here that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about not being up to snuff. Seriously the music is great!

I’ll catch you all next week!


Track in to some grooves!

WAX Wednesday


Hold on tightly to your eggplant and dive deep under ground with Spelunky by Eirik Suhrke. Pressed on “black and gold hand-poured” vinyl by Fangamer, this soundtrack to the revitalized roguelike cave crawler from 2012 is full of jazzy serenades that pull you deeper below the surface. In search for treasure beyond your wildest dreams, will you save the riches or the damsel?

Spelunky Blog.png

Blog Post #15

“Eirik will take you on a musical journey through the depths of the world's most dangerous caves.“

Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome back to your weekly dose of wax. I took a little break at the end of last year from regularly scheduled vinyl postings to bring you the VGM WAX Awards. I hope you had fun taking a look back at some of my favorite releases from last year. I know with the next one, I want to include many more categories and give out a ton of awards. There are just so many amazing people out there that didn’t get recognized, and I want to fill up the prize pool as much as possible.

Happy New Year to you all - I hope 2019 is your best year yet. Make the best of everything given to you and strive to become the version of yourself that you want to be. Keep your needles balanced and adjust your anti-skate, because 2019 is going to be amazing!


Love yourself!

 WAX Wednesday


Calibrate your tracking because this week we are taking a look at the cybernetic powerhouse soundtrack to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon by Power Glove. Pressed on eye-watering neon pink vinyl by Invada Records, the nostalgia driven soundtrack to the 2013 game has gotten a fresh re-press in 2019, and I am here to give you some thoughts! So strap in, because we are going all the way back to 2007 to slay some cyber dragons!

Far Cry 3 Blog.PNG

Blog Post #14

“Blood Dragon is a radioactive fuzz for your ears to enjoy!”

Happy Holidays!

Well here we are: another week, another post. I really enjoy this soundtrack a lot and I was always super bummed that I missed out on this one the first time it was pressed. I am very happy that Invada Records re-pressed this incredible soundtrack!

I hope you all have a great time this holiday season no matter what you are doing. Be in good company and listen to wonderful music. Share your love with those around you and spread it as far as you can. I will see you all next week!


Let it snow!

 WAX Wednesday


I hope you are ready to climb through some vents and save humanity from the Illuminati because this week we are taking an elevator ride with Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Michael McCann. Pressed by Sumthing Else Music Works on two gorgeous “Golden Smog” vinyl, Human Revolution is without a doubt one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. Get the Neuropozyne and dial in your ears for this one!

Deus Ex Blog.PNG

Blog Post #13

“With morality hanging in the balance, will you decide the fate of humanity?“

Holy Releases!

This past month has been insane for video game vinyl. I feel like every week since the beginning of November we have had a new soundtrack announcement. I am super excited for a lot of these new titles, as well as ones from earlier this year that are starting to get shipped out. It feels like I have had a consistent list of tracking numbers to handle, and all I can say is that I am excited. This year I feel has been absolutely crazy for this industry and I can’t even imagine what 2019 will bring!



WAX Wednesday


Meet me at the summit because this week we are covering the soundtrack to Celeste by Lena Raine. Pressed by Ship to Shore PhonoCo. this eclectic and wintry score to one of the best indie games of the past year is here to knock your mittens off! Grab your comfiest throw blanket and snuggle up with your electronic device as we dash right into this weeks post! Hope your brought some strawberries!

Celeste Blog.png

Blog Post #12

“Trickling icicle bits and an avalanche of beats…”

The Game Awards

Tomorrow is The Game Awards, and today’s soundtrack is up for “Best Score/Music”. Be sure to head over to The Game Awards website and cast your votes for this years nominees. Music from Celeste will be performed live at the show, and it is sure to be a blast! Keep an eye on my social media for a chance to win a Bandcamp version of Celeste, provided by Lena herself, to listen to until your hearts content!


See you on the slopes!

WAX Wednesday


Fight back the Process and free your soul with Transistor by Darren Korb. Pressed on “Coke-Bottle Clear” vinyl by Supergiant Games & Gotta Groove Records, Transistor is Super Giant Games’ follow up to instant cult classic: Bastion. Take a trip with me to Cloudbank as we explore every dark alley and underbelly slum with a neon blade in hand!

Transistor Blog.PNG

Blog Post #11

“With only a neon sword in hand, will you be left trapped inside its grooves before the end? “

Thank you, Supergiant Games!

This was a truly surprising release for me, and I am so grateful that I was able to snag a copy of this re-press. Darren Korb has always been one of my favorite composers ever since experiencing Bastion with everyone back in 2011. His work has always stuck with me, and the work here on Transistor is, without question, incredible. I want to give a huge shoutout to everyone on the team for signing my copy and for providing extra Bandcamp codes for some of my lucky readers. Please keep an eye on my social media pages — Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook — for a chance to get a digital copy of this incredible soundtrack!


Back to the pressing plant!

 WAX Wednesday


Dust off your old cartridge and have a seat in front of your CRT, this week we are taking a light-speed jump into Gradius by the Konami Kukeiha Club pressed by Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Take a trip down nostalgia lane with me as we explore this fantastic tribute to one of gaming’s most iconic franchises. There is no rose tent here — what you will experience is truly magical in every sense of the word. So without further ado, “Destroy the core!”

Gradius Blog.png

Blog Post #10

“The 80s were a MAGICAL time — a time where arcades were more popular than coffee shops…”

🎂 Birthday! 🎈

Today marks another revolution around the sun for me and a lot has happened this year that makes me feel very grateful to be doing what I love. This has been one of the best years of my life by far; my continued passion and drive pushes me into becoming the best version of myself for those I love, and the industry I care so deeply about.

I thank each and every one of you who come and read my thoughts every week. It truly means the world and so much more to me. Thank you for your support and for all your love, I hope to spread as much of my own to you.

Let’s continue this journey together and make the best of this ride we possibly can!



WAX Wednesday


Grab your Pip-Boy and kick back with a refreshing Nuka-Cola! This week we are taking a look at the soundtrack to Fallout 4 by Inon Zur, pressed on “Vault Suit” blue vinyl by Spacelab9. Containing all 65 incredibly arranged tracks, this deluxe vinyl box set is truly a marvel, despite minor flaws worn beneath the grooves. Climb out of your vault and bring some Rad-X along — we will be hearing the clicks before too long.

Fallout Blog.PNG

Blog Post #9

“Fallout 4’s soundtrack has all the musings one could hope for in an orchestral view of bombs not long since dropped.”


Happy Launch Day to Fallout 76!

I hope many of you are staying safe out in Appalachia today, facing the freshest wasteland we have ever seen in a Fallout game to date. Make sure to stay hydrated, take many breaks, and eat plenty of healthy snacks during your long game sessions. I know I will be right there with you all exploring this brand new world!


Take me home, country roads!

WAX Wednesday


This week we are traveling at the speed of light with Zanshin's Lightfield soundtrack, pressed on white vinyl by Minimum Records. This is truly one of the prettiest vinyl I have ever seen in terms of packaging and design. If you have yet to give this album a listen, I highly suggest you check out the album on Bandcamp. This one will surely take your table on the ride of its life!  

Lightfield Blog.PNG

Blog Post #8

“Floating through time and space in zero gravity at the speed of light has never felt better…”

Exciting Stuff!

This past weekend I played some sweet grooves at my local geek hang out and got to spend some quality time representing the artists and labels that make our lives better. I also got a few shirts and stickers printed up for friends, family, and local fans. If you are interested in either of these, drop me a line at my email:


Keep riding those grooves!

WAX Wednesday



Glide your way into this week with a little red breegull in your backpack with Banjo-Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope pressed by iam8bit. This was one of the first video game soundtracks I ever picked up on vinyl. Take a trip back in time with me and relive your nostalgic past with this beloved score to one of Rare’s most cherished games, and one of Nintendo’s most killer games of all time for their N64 system! Gather around the cauldron and let’s all have some brew on this Halloween night! Pop in your cartridge or let your own copy of this beautiful release spin on your table and defeat that wicked witch! Be careful to not get honey on anything!

Banjo Blog.PNG

Blog Post #7

“A soundtrack born during the height of the 64-bit era, the adventures of this furry bear and squawking bird lives forever in our hearts.“

Have a spooky one!

After working almost 24 hours in two days at my job, it was wonderful to sit down and listen to some awesome music and share my thoughts and a fond memory with all of you! Take a moment to reminisce with me about a classic release, one that I’m sure we all hope gets a much needed re-press. Whether you are out with friends tonight or tucked into your homes playing games, I hope you have a wonderfully spooky evening!

This weekend I am going to spinning a bit of my collection at my favorite local spot, Club Geek! I want to spread the love of music as far and wide as I possibly can. I hope you all can join with me in supporting all these amazing artists that help make the games we play the best they possibly can be!


Back to the pressing plant!

WAX Wednesday


Venture into the future this week with Equip’s Synthetic Core 88 Soundtrack. A blast from nostalgic past, Synthetic Core 88 sets it’s sights on 90’s nostalgia and takes on a 16-bit era style that will surely knock your socks off. Pressed on “Laser Disc” vinyl by Yetee Records, this is not a release to be missed. Although Synthetic Core 88 isn’t really a game (please someone pick up this idea and make it a thing), let your imagination carry you off into a neo-dystopian RPG adventure to save the future!

Synthetic Core 88 Blog.png

Blog Post #6

“Synthetic Core 88 is the catalyst of your wildest dreams!”

Welcome back!

Thanks for coming back for another weekly dose of WAX! Covering Synthetic Core 88 was a real treat. This is truly one of my favorite releases to come out this year, and I am extremely excited to see what Equip comes up with next. I highly recommend you go through and listen to everything from Equip, Kevin Hein, and Subhumanizer. The talent on display from all of these libraries of music is extraordinary! Stay tuned next week for a spooky Halloween edition of WAX Wednesday!


Keep it spoopy!

 WAX Wednesday


I hope you all have your cotton candy ready this week, because we are taking a screaming descent into the amazing You, Me & Gravity: The Music of Planet Coaster composed by Jim Guthrie & J.J. Ipsen. This wonderful soundtrack will take you on a trip through one of the most magically down to earth theme parks you could ever imagine. Fill your ears with analog grooves and plucky tunes; sit back, relax, and take a ride on the worlds most folky coaster. Pressed on “Day Turns to Night” vinyl by iam8bit, the soundtrack to Planet Coaster is surely a masterpiece that will be loved for years to come!

Planet Coaster Blog.PNG

Blog Post #5

“With everything from Jim’s lo-fi folky roots on full display Here, it’s no surprise that Planet Coaster has become a classic before it even stops spinning.”

Thank you!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I have got some exciting new vinyl on the way. I’ve been slowly trying to catch up on all the amazing releases over the past year or so. This year is not even over, and I feel like there has been more amazing releases this year than in the past. We are nearing the end of 2018, and it seems like there are many more surprise announcements to come. Keep an eye on my social media pages, and give a follow to all the amazing labels I have linked HERE.

Take care, and I will see you all next week for another Blog Post!


Back to the pressing plant!

 WAX Wednesday


Welcome back to another weekly groove session. This Wednesday we are going to be talking about the lovely Shadowrun: Hong Kong by Jon Everist. This release was pressed on gold and silver vinyl by Black Screen Records, and was truly a treat to spend some quality time with. The Shadowrun series has always held a special place in my heart, and I hope to share some of my love for this release with you. I highly recommend you spend some quality time not only with this album, but the game if you have a chance. The insane work Harebrained and company have put into reviving this amazing series is not something that should be dismissed. Sit back, relax, and bask in this Eastern dystopian synth-capade. Hopefully when you unplug you’ll remain more than just a vestige of your former self!

Blog Post #4

“Hong Kong relinquishes you into a neo-dystopian Tokyo and leaves you treading your way through dilapidated side streets…”

Stay locked into the groove!

A lot of exciting new content will be coming up soon. Thanks so much for continuing to come back week in and week out to follow my passion project. This is truly a delight for me to sit down each week and really focus on a particular release in my library. I hope that you all are having as much fun reading my thoughts as I am with sharing them. None of this could be possible without the incredible support of my family and friends, not to mention the insane work that record labels and artists have put into making this an industry worth supporting. There has been a lot of heartache surrounding bootlegs this week, and I just want to be upfront. I will not be featuring any release that does not directly support those who pour their heart and souls into making the things that enrich our lives so much a reality. Keep on pressing, much love to everyone!


Catch you on the flippty flip!

WAX Wednesday


This week is a big one! Today I will be covering the exquisite DOOM soundtrack by Mick Gordon pressed on red vinyl by Laced Records. This limited edition box set is easily one of the greatest releases to grace my turntable, and I am so glad to be able to share it with you. So grab your BFG and jump head first into hell!

Doom Blog.png

Blog Post #3

“The pulsating rhythm will course through your veins and draw you deeper into the jaws of demons, with only a shotgun in hand.”

Welcome back!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website. There are tons of awesome upcoming releases, so keep an eye on my Twitter to see when I retweet announcements. Also, Blip Blop is literally one of the best resources out there for staying up to date on releases as soon as they are announced. I will be working more on the new releases part of my site in the future (there’s a lot of ‘em), but for right now those are the best resources out there!

Take care, and I’ll catch you on the B-Side!


Back to the pressing plant!

WAX Wednesday


Welcome back to another weekly dose of wax. Today I am going to be sharing with you the wonderful Ballads of Hyrule composed by Rozen and pressed on limited Milky White vinyl by the wonderful people over at Materia Collective. This was such a treat to experience, and I hope to share some of my excitement with you. Hop on over to the blog post and give it a listen while you read. I know you will be transported to a beautiful adventure just like I was!

Ballads Blog.PNG

Blog Post #2

“Ballads of Hyrule is as beautiful a journey as it is hauntingly poetic, and will leave you daydreaming of past and future adventures yet to come your way.”

You are awesome!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this weeks blog post. I have a lot that I am still working on getting up and running here on the site. Please feel free to check out my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where I post regularly and engage with the community. I’d love to see you over there, and look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive of this journey; whether you are family, friends, or industry wax heads, please know that you are loved, and I appreciate all of you more than you know.

Catch you on the next one!


Back to the pressing plant! <3

Welcome to VGM WAX!

Hey there, my name is Jacob. Thanks for being awesome and visiting my website! I am dedicating this project to my collection and love of video game music vinyl. This will be a space for me to post pictures, share thoughts about releases, and just talk about the medium I love so dearly. So please hang around and take a look. This is a huge work in progress, so there will undoubtedly be more to come in the future. For right now, please feel free to read my first blog post about the wonderful DEADBOLT by Chris Christodoulou, pressed by Black Screen Records, and sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when I post anything new here.

Stay locked into that groove!

Deadbolt blog.PNG

Blog Post #1

“jazzy, cyberpunk-like melodies that just drown you in a dystopian rainfall”

Thank you!

It is an extreme pleasure for me to write about one of my favorite artists’ pressings from one of my favorite labels. This little journey I am taking is definitely one that I am excited to share with all of you. Please feel free to like, share, or leave a comment about your thoughts on this awesome record. I’d love to hear from you!


Back to the pressing plant. Stay tuned for more content!