Crowd Funding Campaign Launches for Jim Guthrie's Below Soundtrack

Jim Guthrie has set up a crowd funding campaign for the vinyl version of his Below soundtrack on Bandcamp. This 2xLP set on royal blue and deep purple vinyl is being housed in an eloquently designed embossed triple gatefold jacket with never-before-seen concept art and an inner gatefold featuring the “boat scene” from Below by Sylvain Coutouly. Each vinyl is stored inside die-cut, foil-stamped inner sleeves and look stunning from the mock up images. The campaign for this 2xLP royal blue and deep purple vinyl set is running now until May 18th, and is comprised of three different backing tiers. The first tier starts at $50 and contains the vinyl soundtrack, while the $60 tier includes the vinyl soundtrack as well as an hour of extra unreleased music from the Below writing sessions, dubbed “Below: Volume II”. The final tier at $75 includes everything from the previous two tiers as well as a specially designed felt poster from Tony Chan that can actually be colored in.

Jim is seeking a funding goal of $10,500 and the vinyl is set to ship in July once the campaign is successful.

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