Endless Space 2 by FlybyNo

Endless Space 2 by Flyby No pressed on transparent blue by G4F Records

“Crossed the stars full of deep remorses”

Three Quarks in a Row

Soft ambient trance and aphotic orchestral music will take you on a trip amongst the stars of the universe this week with FlybyNo’s Endless Space 2. Pressed on clear blue vinyl by G4F Records via a successful crowdfunding campaign, the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed 4X series has now found its home on vinyl. From stardust to wax, the universe itself has brought this soundtrack into existence. Through its revolutions, an epic journey has been set in motion.


Your needle’s on the event horizon − the journey to the center of this black hole is a metamorphosis that will tear your reality asunder. FlybyNo’s gorgeous and ethereal chart floats the listener amongst the stars of his own design.

Axial Tilt Zero

Arnaud Roy (FlybyNo) began his career as a video game composer when he joined Amplitude Studios and G4F Records, taking the helm to score the epic music that fills the Endless game series. FlybyNo’s compositional skills are superb as ever on this soundtrack; the use of orchestral music, synthetic drones, and percussive elements will leave you on the frontier of the pure and vast unknown. Trance-like beats fill the microcosm of unexplored space between the grooves, while Arnaud’s signature harp flutters down, leaving you floating in an ethereal and peaceful swathe of strings.

The Lost Frontier

FlybyNo's creativity and writing style has a way of taking you on a unique, track-by-track journey. Choral chants are on full effect here, bringing a flavor that intertwines the orchestral peaks and synthetic valleys into a very pleasing harmonious and uplifting sensation. Lovers of Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvitori’s momentous work on the Halo series will feel right at home in these futuristic, choir-esque movements sprinkled (or perhaps, discovered) throughout this record. Classical and new age sounds form a perfect union, providing an absolutely surreal experience for the listener. When these lines between old and new become blurred, and the vocalists become synthesized with the electronic musings of FlybyNo, the end result is a spine-chilling experience that you can’t help but dance along to.

Worship the Endless

G4F Records did a lovely job on this release. Based out of France, this record label is dedicated to producing quality music for video games, film, and animation. In 2016, they branched out into video game vinyl with their debut vinyl release for the action hack-and-slash/beat ‘em up indie hit, Furi. Since then, they have kept the hits coming, and this release is no exception.

From the simplistic and elegant blue foiled embossing, to the rich eye catching gatefold, all the way down to the color of the vinyl, the design by the Amplitude Studios art department is exquisite. The color choice alone has to be one of the most spectacular shades of blue I have ever seen on a vinyl. The way it accentuates and contrasts the packaging in perfect harmony is truly exquisite.

Mastering for this release has been done in house by G4F Records, providing us with an impeccably clean final product.

Together to the Stars

G4F Records recently put up pre-orders for FlybyNo's score of Endless Legend. This fantastical medieval setting brings a stark contrast to the space odyssey that is Endless Space 2. The first 200 pre-orders will be signed by FlybyNo! If you are a fan of what you’ve read, meet me in the checkout line at G4F Records’ website and place an order for what is assuredly going to be another amazing record!


G4F Records have provided me with a few Bandcamp codes to give away for Endless Legend, so keep an eye on social media for those!

Album Details

Music by:

Remastered for vinyl by :
G4F Records

Artwork by:
Amplitude Studios

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
G4F Records

Where to Buy?

This album is still available directly from G4F Records and from G4F Records’ Bandcamp page in limited quantities. Only 250 copies of this release were produced from the pre-order campaign and the first 200 copies were all signed by FlybyNo on the inside gatefold. If you are a fan of FlybyNo's work here, I highly recommend you pick up this album while you can! Each vinyl purchase comes with a download of the entire Endless Space 2 soundtrack in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, WAV and more!

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