Jon Everist's BattleTech is Coming to Vinyl from Black Screen Records

The soundtrack to Harebrained Schemes’ turn-based mech strategy game BattleTech by Jon Everist is coming to vinyl from Black Screen Records. Featuring a curated track list from composer Jon Everist himself comes the vinyl edition for BattleTech. Pressed on limited edition 180g black/white ink spot vinyl, this 2xLP set will be housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring artwork from Harebrained Schemes’ concept artist Joel DuQue. Included in the packaging will be a digital download code for the epic 60 track score as well as the 3 bonus tracks from the upcoming Urban Warfare Expansion soundtrack. Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge from RAMA Tonstudio, this soundtrack is available to order now from Black Screen Records, with a release date slated for some time this summer.

Limited quantities of signed copies are available directly from Jon Everist on his Bandcamp page.

Black Screen Records is also offering a Jon Everist Vinyl Bundle that includes BattleTech, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong!

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