Cosmic Star Heroine, Volume 1 Vinyl Available Tomorrow

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. will be releasing volume 1 of the highly anticipated soundtrack to Cosmic Star Heroine by Hyperduck Soundworks tomorrow. This Chrono Trigger-esque RPG has become an instant classic to RPG fans, and the soundtrack is incredible! Plastered with beautiful artwork from Drew Wise this is one good looking release! Ship to Shore PhonoCo.’s track record has been nothing but stellar thus far, so don’t sleep on this release, it’s bound to be amazing!

There will be two variants; one directly from Ship to Shore PhonoCo., and one from Limited Run Games. Each of these variants will be in limited supply so be sure to get your orders in quickly!

Sale starts at 10am EST.

Ship to Shore PhonoCo.: “Starburst Variant” - Unknown Quantity

Limited Run Games: Silver Variant - Limited to 400 copies

The current quantity of Ship to Shore PhonoCo.’s variant is currently unknown but I will update this page as soon as more information is available