New Records From The Yetee & A Much Needed Repress

The Yetee has been putting in a lot of work! They have recently announced vinyl releases for Saskrotch’s “Zones” & Smooth McGroove’s “VGM Acapella Volume 1,” as well as a much needed repress for EQUIP’s “Synthetic Core 88 Original Soundtrack” which won the VGM WAX Award for soundtrack of the year! While both Saskrotch and EQUIP’s releases are shipping now, you may have to wait a little bit to get your hands on Smooth McGroove’s album. With a release date of Q3 2019, we may be waiting until early summer or fall for these acapella arrangements to grace our turntables.

Saskrotch - Zones

Releasing in August of 2017, the first Act of Zones was a real banger. This genesis infused retro trip back to the days of Sonic will be a blast to listen to in glorious analogue format! This vinyl will include Acts 1 & 2 on a stunningly blue vinyl. With design by Drew Wise, this one is shaping up to be a real treat!

This vinyl is available through The Yetee’s own Web Store or through Saskrotch’s Bandcamp page.

Purchase Here:

EQUIP - Synthetic Core 88 Original Soundtrack

What can I say about this album that I haven’t already? Check out my review! This was by far my most listened to piece of music last year, and it went so far as to win “Soundtrack of the Year” for me. I absolutely love this album, and so will you. The design and story work here by Drew Wise is absolutely mind blowing, and the concept and execution by both Drew and EQUIP make this a must-own in my book. What are you waiting for?! Jump over and buy this thing now! Trust me, you will enjoy every minute of your adventure with Flora. Pressed on clear vinyl this time around, it truly is an amazing looking record.

This vinyl is available through The Yetee’s own Web Store or through EQUIP’s Bandcamp page.

Purchase Here:

Smooth McGroove - VGM Acapella Volume 1

Smooth McGroove is a synonymous figure on YouTube and has garnered a lot of popularity from his incredible acapella covers of gaming’s most beloved tunes. Teaming up with The Yetee, they intend to immortalize these arrangements on a super bright neon yellow vinyl for us all to enjoy. Freshly remastered for vinyl by Marc Junker (R23X), this is sure to be one outstanding release! Although releasing much later in the year (Q3), I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait!

This vinyl is available through The Yetee’s own Web Store or through Smooth McGroove’s Bandcamp page.

Purchase Here: