2018 VGM WAX Awards


Hi there and welcome to the end of 2018. This has been one seriously awesome year, and I for one want to thank each and every one of you who come to this site weekly to see what some random dude thinks about the hard work of amazing people.

I started this project back in April of this year as a platform to post pictures of my vinyl collection on Instagram. It was a pretty casual thing, and something I enjoyed doing every once and a while to share my love of video game vinyl with anyone who cared to look. Now it has grown into this whole thing and I couldn’t be more proud! Please help me in celebrating this year by giving recognition to those who truly matter!

Here’s to 2019!

Content Creator of the Year

Frank Tuminello (WannaTradePants): Instagram-er Extraordinaire!

This dude’s record collection is almost as large as his sheet collection. Seriously give this guy a follow and keep an eye on his Instagram. Not only does he post awesome nerdy stuff, and owns almost every video game related CD, his record collection is quite massive, and in 2018 he really started showing it off. Keep up the great work, Frank!

Producer of the Year

Minimum Records for Lightfield & Future Unfolding

One of the most surprising things to come out of 2018 for me was a little record company by the name Minimum Records. This independent record company from the UK have set the bar high with their two releases, and by handling the mastering for both of their record releases in-house this year shows their true dedication to the art of video game music on vinyl!

Album Art of the Year

Drew Wise for Synthetic Core 88

Drew’s passion is only exceeded by the work he creates. The love and creativity he put into the design of Synthetic Core 88 was truly one of the most magical experiences for me in 2018. Not only did he capture the aesthetic of holding a real game in your hands, he developed a story to hold in your heart. Keep making dreams a reality, Drew! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2019.

Record Company of the Year

Materia Collective for Excellence in Artist Empowerment

This record company has produced some of my favorite vinyl to come out this year. Not only has Materia Collective been extremely supportive of me getting this project off the ground, they produced some of the most awesome releases this year and have been a strong advocate for artists and music rights. Their stalwart approach in protecting and teaching others to protect their intellectual properties has made them my favorite record company of 2018. Keep up the good fight, and keep the wonderful music going!

Artist of the Year

Lena Raine for Celeste

Celeste will be looked at in years to come as a crown jewel from 2018. The arrangements on display here from Lena will forever live in our hearts and keeps us warm when things get down right cold and dark. Lena has truly paved her way into becoming the next rising star in the video game music scene, and I for one cannot wait to see what she composes next!

Soundtrack of the Year

Synthetic Core 88 by EQUIP

Nothing has stuck with me more, and revolved so many times on my record player this year than this incredible release by EQUIP. In collaboration with Drew Wise and Yetee Records Synthetic Core 88 may not be a soundtrack to a game that exists, but for those that believe, it is the greatest game to come out of 2018. Let your imagination breathe with the sounds and give yourself the chance to dream!

Congratulations to everyone. I’ll see you all next year!


Back to the pressing plant!