Synthetic Core 88 by Equip

Synthetic Core 88 by Equip pressed on “Laser Disc” vinyl by Yetee Records

Synthetic Core 88 by Equip pressed on “Laser Disc” vinyl by Yetee Records

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Synthetic Core 88 is a glimpse into a future where there is no going back.

Composed by Equip, Synthetic Core 88 centers around the dystopian journey of Flora in the distant future where machines have taken over. The world we have all known is long forgotten…  A concept album for a game that doesn’t exist, Equip’s compositions rival many of the RPG greats. Straight out of 90's nostalgia, fueled by incredible arrangements, illustrations by the ever so talented Drew Wise, and your imagination -- Synthetic Core 88 is the catalyst of your wildest dreams! Taking you along all the trappings of a truly iconic and memorable RPG story, Synthetic Core 88 is an album that will stand out as triumph in its own emerging genre of game-less soundtracks.

Flora Awakens (New Memory)

Kevin Hein has been a vaporwave dark horse for years. Now under a new nickname, Equip, he is here to deliver us yet another chapter of his repertoire as a musician. Synthetic Core 88's musical style serenades you into a world yet to come, or has long since passed. Cascading synths and sweeping plucks envelop and whisk you away to a brand new, yet familiar, world. An almost lullaby-esque movement drifts you off further into this mysteriously familiar world.

Azure Grotto Of The Sleeping Steel Giant

The presentation of this release is absolutely incredible. From the cleverly designed laserdisc-style front to the rainbow clouding on the back, this vinyl is an absolute looker. I know some may be worried by the fact that this album is a picture disc, but rest assured, this is quite possibly the best picture disc I have ever heard! The Yetee and crew have absolutely knocked this release out of the park. Drew Wise’s art and design on this album is what truly pushes this record into a whole new level. The elegantly poignant design and placement of images and text makes it feel like you are truly holding onto a real game. The extra track composed by the amazing R23X included in this release certainly adds to the ever growing list of reasons to own this vinyl. Synthetic Core 88 does not fail to impress with its presentation whatsoever.

Album Details

Music by:

Remastered for vinyl by :
The Yetee

Artwork by:
Drew Wise

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Yetee Records

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately this physical album is currently sold out on both The Yetee’s webstore and Equip’s Bandcamp page. There were only 300 copies of this beautiful album produced. Hopefully, if enough interest is garnered, a re-press could be a possibility. This album definitely deserves to be in everyone’s libraries. The album is still available to purchase through multiple digital outlets, and through Equip’s Bandcamp page. Show some love and support, and be sure to hit up The Yetee on Twitter to let them know you’d love re-press, I know I would!

Purchase Vinyl Here: RESTOCK!!!

Equip’s Bandcamp: RESTOCK on Clear LP

$25 Limited to 300 Copies

The Yetee: Original Picture Disc (DEAD LINK)