LSD Revamped is Available Now from Ship to Shore PhonoCo.


For the first time ever, Osamu Sato’s soundtrack to the cult classic Playstation game LSD Dream Emulator is coming to vinyl from Ship to Shore PhonoCo.. Commemorating the game’s 20th anniversary, LSD Revamped is a fully reworked and re-imagined version of the previous CD only release of Mr. Sato soundtrack. Spanning 3 LPs, this release features all the original and remixed tracks from the CD release rearranged by Mr. Sato himself.

“One of the most experimental and fascinating games and soundtracks of all time, this album should have a place on any serious collectors shelf!”

Housed in a triple gatefold and featuring new artwork from Osamu Sato, this 3LP box set is pressed entirely on red vinyl and is available to order directly from Ship to Shore PhonoCo. now for $40. LSD Revamped will also be available to order from Light in the Attic and Black Screen Records for those of you in the EU! Ship to Shore PhonoCo. will have this album available on their Bandcamp page at a later date.

The album will be available digitally world wide, and all vinyl purchases made through Ship to Shore PhonoCo. will come with a digital download of this new revamped trip!

Purchase Here: $40