Switched On: A Link to The Past by Switched On SNES

Switched On: A Link to The Past by Switched on SNES pressed on “ultra clear with Transparent Blue in Color with Green and Magenta splatter” by Streaming Arrow Records

“That seal should have remained for all time...”

Light World

It's no surprise that Koji Kondo's arrangements for this game have captivated us all for decades! From Switched On SNES, a project by Will Patterson dedicated to recording and breathing a Vaporwave-esque life into the soundtracks that ruled our childhoods, comes Switched On: A Link to The Past. Warm analogous tones tug at your nostalgic driven heartstrings in Switched On SNES’s cover of beloved 16 bit gem, A Link to The Past. As a retro synthesized cover to one of gaming’s most beloved games, Switched On: A Link to The Past is a methodical and retro love letter to one of the most iconic games of all time. Re-recording the music using Moog, Sequential Circuit, and Korg synthesizing hardware, Mr. Patterson pushes the boundaries of the 16 bit music we have come to love, leaving you wanting more.

Kakariko Village

When the digital version of this album was released in early 2017, it came as a surprise to many and quickly became a cult classic amongst Zelda fans. While the arrangements are exactly as you remember them from your dusty, well-loved cartridge, the way in which they are performed is what will truly captivate you. Will has achieved a great deal in giving the beloved soundtrack a modern yet vintage tone that resonates on your turntable, bringing the listener not only a smile, but a sentimental wave of years gone by. Much like Koji Kondo’s music, Will’s arrangements here will stand the test of time and be cherished by collectors for many years to come.



Cut at 45 rpm, this album races towards the side-by-side finish line. Although much longer than it’s digital counterpart, this album might leave some desiring more. The short length, while a possible hindrance for some, may be a nice interlude for others who are enjoying a long listening session of their library. Personally, I find the length an enjoyable foray into a magical and ethereal escape that can be easily listened to again and again. While the album is intended to be listened to at 45 rpm, it was recommended by Streaming Arrow Records and Will to click that button and dial the album back to a somewhat leisurely 33 ⅓. If you choose to do so, you will embark on an eclectic, dreamy adventure through Hyrule!


As Streaming Arrow Records first release, I have to say they have set the bar very high with this one.The mastering done by Todd Mariana is absolutely impeccable. Todd and the team over at Deep Groove Mastering, along with Streaming Arrow Records have delivered an impeccably clean and well-sounding release. The incredible geometric art by composer Will Patterson makes for a very aesthetically pleasing package from front to back.


This album is available in two different colors: black, and “ultra clear with Transparent Blue in Color with Green and Magenta Splatter,” which compliments the album cover nicely. As Streaming Arrow Records first foray into the video game vinyl world, this is truly an earmark on what will be a promising career for this small indie label from California. Absolutely keep your eyes on them for more to come!

Album Details

Music by:
Koji Kondo & Arranged by Switched On SNES (Will Patterson)

Remastered for vinyl by :
Todd Mariana

Artwork by:
Will Patterson

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Streaming Arrow Records

Where to Buy?

Limited to 500 copies (200 Black & 300 Clear), this has unfortunately sold out since it was originally put up for order in late 2018. However, Switched On SNES has recently announced a re-pressing for this release as well as their second release on vinyl, “Switched On: Secret of Mana.” Keep an eye on their social media pages, and be sure to subscribe to their mailing list via their Bandcamp page to stay up to date on all their upcoming releases and these re-presses. The new pressings will be handled by Will Patterson’s own record label, Subtropic Records.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Will over at Switched On SNES for providing digital codes of this album. If you have snagged the one hidden on this page: congratulations! If not, don’t worry. I have been provided multiple and will be giving them out throughout today and the rest of this week!

Purchase Vinyl Here: SOLD OUT!

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