Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions

Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions by Yetee Records & Materia Collective pressed on ”Corneria Planet" blue and green swirl vinyl.

"Good Luck!”

From an all-star lineup backed by Yetee Records & Materia Collective comes Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions. Pressed on ”Corneria Planet" blue and green swirl, this love letter to gaming’s beloved animal pilots from another universe is an exquisite treat to Star Fox fans and gamers alike. With an incredible lineup of some of this industries most renowned indie artists, they set out to blow you back at the speed of light all within 45 revolutions per minute. This is one incredibly packed 10” that will surely bring you and your needle back, time and time again.

There is a lot to like here; Fortuna covers a wide array of genre and arrangement stylings.


Smooth McGroove’s acapella musings drop you into a fast paced dog fight with death defying tempo, putting your hull to the test! Strap in tight because we are going straight for the boss!

Boss (Titania)

Saskrotch’s arcade stylings will have you pinned down by the shear g-force of bits flying at your eardrums. You’ll be rocking out to some chiptune glory and dubstep style bass drops as you strive to defeat that boss! Don’t forget to practice!

Training Mode

R23X’s hypnotic synthesizers and clever use of sound effects will leave you lost in the nostalgic peaks and plateaus of this little wax disc in no time helping you get back into the fight.

Incoming Transmission

Glen O’Neill’s one liner quips add some awesome Star Fox flair that helps interlude the album into bite-sized and elegantly crafted sections!

Course Map Select BGM <Main Theme>

EQUIP’s style of soft, far away beats and playful trills are on full effect here. Vaporwave and Star Fox are woven together in beautiful and ceremonious harmony, making you want to track that needle back and give it another go!

Select Theme

Slime Girls rendition of the Select Theme is a soft and transcendent journey that will whisk you away on a flight amongst the stars. As the music swells, you’ll be zipping past quasars and shooting stars. This is a truly sublime and entrancing arrangement!

Titania & Macbeth

Jackson Alexander Parodi’s whimsical fair-like arrangement is a quite short yet playfully executed finale to this incredible album. You can’t help but smile and bounce along to this track!

Over 'n' Out, Fox!

The design here from Drew Wise is just absolutely incredible as always; from the outstanding lenticular cover, to the cleverly designed Star Map that charts your way through this album's melancholy cosmos, all the way down to the impeccable colorway of the vinyl itself. In addition, Marc Junker's (R23X) mastering and arrangement of the tracks on this collection is pure genius. This album hits all the marks a tribute album to Star Fox should hit. I hope we see more tributes of its kind from all of these wonderful people in the future!

There is just so much to love here in this bite-sized release! I can only hope that more people will get to experience the joy and absolute wonderment that this album has to offer. With a limited presing of 300 copies, there is no way we won’t see this album make a death-defying barrel roll back into the pressing plant in the near future. Keep an eye out on The Yetee and Materia Collective for more incredible vinyl goodies soon!

Album Details

Music by:
Glen O’Neill, Smooth McGroove, Saskrotch, R23X, EQUIP, Slime Girls, and Jackson Alexander Parodi

Remastered for vinyl by :
Marc Junker (R23X)

Artwork by:
Drew Wise

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Yetee Records & Materia Collective

Where to Buy?

Limited to 300 copies, this was only sold in limited quantities online and exclusively at MAGFest 2019. This vinyl is unfortunately sold out of its current run. Don’t fret though, there will more than likely be a re-press soon. Show The Yetee, Materia Collective, and all of these wonderful artists your support of more vinyl copies by purchasing the digital copy from Bandcamp, or through your favorite digital media service!

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