Quantum Break by Petri Alanko

Quantum Break by Petri Alanko pressed on clear with black splatter vinyl by iam8bit

"The number one killer is time. It destroys us all..."

Meeting an Old Friend

Skip ahead to the end of time with Quantum Break by Petri Alanko. Pressed on clear with black splatter vinyl by iam8bit in 2016, Mr. Alanko's soundtrack to Remedy's sci-fi time bending drama is a mechanical and string-filled journey through the very fabric of time.

Although the game received polarizing reviews and reception, one thing is for certain: Petri's work stands as a monument of what was being attempted by the talented folks over at Remedy Entertainment. Through dark and mechanical pulses with playful orchestral musings underneath, Petri Alanko will take you on a spine-twisting warp through reality and back.

Don’t Stand In My Way

Petri Alanko's work with Remedy Entertainment began in 2010 with the cult classic thriller, Alan Wake. Although a stark change in settings has occurred between these two games, the music is what has woven these two universes together. Much like a spider, the composer strung a web of sound between these two worlds, bundling together each heart-pounding, nerve-wracking moment into a work of art. Mr. Alanko's use of in-game sound effects mixed with mechanical synthetic drones is one of this soundtracks strongest aspects and will leave your hair standing on edge.

I Kept Waiting

From spine-chilling movements to club-like trances, Quantum Break makes for an enjoyable listening experience not only for fans of the game, but for those who have never delved into this game's universe. The soundtracks ability to stand on its own is one of the main reasons why I recommend this game to any soundtrack collector or fan of new age orchestral music. Quantum Break pushes the envelope of your musical experience and warps you back into the groove, all within the blink of an eye.

A Whisper

The presentation with this record is absolutely true to what iam8bit is known for: high art and incredible design. The artwork here by Christina Mrozik totally encapsulates the universe of Quantum Break. Adorned with die cut geometric shapes sprinkled front to back, the accentuating yellow inner sleeve can become the real star of the show! This is truly an awesome piece to display. As for mastering, the work done here by Adam Gonsalves is quite impressive. You won't have to worry about any time stutters with this one!

Album Details

Music by:
Petri Alanko

Remastered for vinyl by :
Adam Gonsalves (Gonsa)

Artwork by:
Christine Mrozik

Vinyl produced & distributed by:

Where to Buy?

Limited to 3,000 copies, this vinyl has since been removed from iam8bit's webstore either due to lack of inventory or licensing. This album can still be bought aftermarket and from various third party sellers, so if you need to find a copy it shouldn't be too hard.

Purchase Vinyl Here: SOLD OUT!

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