The Messenger is Coming to Vinyl From iam8bit


Available on vinyl for the first time ever, pre-orders for the soundtrack to the smash hit indie game The Messenger is coming today from iam8bit. This award winning soundtrack from chiptune artist Rainbowdragoneyes will be pressed on two lovely wax discs, and will be yours to own soon! This 2xLP set will include The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) split up into two parts: Disc I: The Past and Disc II: The Future. On Disc I: The Past is brimming to its groove-filled edges with 8bit NES style musings that will take you back to a simpler, yet ruthless time. With Disc II: The Future will take you on a trip to the glorious 16bit renaissance of dynamic sounds and entrancing bits changing the way you think of music forever! Two discs, two completely distinct pieces of music, all in one complete package. Adorned by art from the incredibly talented Peter Mohrbacher, this limited edition vinyl set is live to pre-order now on iam8bit! This releases is slated to ship in Q2 of 2019.

Product Details

  • 2xLP Past and Future Vinyl

  • Album Art by Peter Mohrbacher

  • Music by Rainbowdragoneyes

  • Limited edition of 3000

  • Includes Digital Download

Purchase Here: $40

The Past

The Future