OST (1).rar by R23X

OST (1).rar by R23X pressed on neon “energy orb” pink vinyl by Yetee Records

"A new journey awaits..."

New Area With Difficult Enemies

Get ready to grind out some XP this week with OST (1).rar. Originally released in 2014 by Dream Catalogue, this incredible debut album from R23X has been brought back to life. Pressed for the first time ever on neon “energy orb” pink vinyl by Yetee Records, this classic VGM Vaporwave album is here to take you on an incredibly fuzzy and wholly nostalgic journey. Slide that VHS in because it's time to enter R23X's wonderfully imaginative world!

_° ° ◓ Counter Attack Ability ◓ ° °

R23X, otherwise known as VHS Stills, Video-20XX, or simply Marc Junker, is an award-winning artist, composer, musician, producer, clothing designer, and avid cyclist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Best known for his works as R23X, Marc has become quite the savant in the music industry. From helping produce and create art and records for The Yetee, to helping score the award-winning anime series Esluna: The First Monolith, what Marc has achieved so far in his career is nothing short of amazing. His continued work in the video game vinyl space has helped see the industry grow over the years. Alongside the Yetee Records team, he has helped cultivate a breeding ground for one of the best labels in the industry. This release is no exception to the amount of care, passion, and love that he has for the industry and medium as a whole.

Collect EXP and AP

When I found out that this release was going to happen, I was immediately ecstatic! Marc’s work with R23X was the main factor that lead me into vaporwave/tape collecting in the first place, and honestly broadened my musical horizons way further than I ever thought possible. Formative would be the word I’d use to describe OST (1).rar, and it still captivates me to this day. This album truly sets the tone for what we have come to expect from this project, and paved the way for the amazing albums that shortly followed it.

Amnesiac (Silent Protagonist)

If you’d like some more context into how this album was composed and the events leading up to its inception, I highly recommend you check out the interview I did with Marc when reviewing his recent physical release of SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent from Plus100 Records. I not only go into the major details of Marc’s formative musical background and influences, but I give a clear look behind this album’s creation, as well as OSV: Original Sound Version and SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent. It’s truly a magical thing to read about and Marc’s story is something that still moves me occasionally. The sheer luck and creativity involved in the birth of R23X as a project is something you owe yourself to learn about!

evil plot monologue (1)

As an exploratory time for Marc, this album is one that I have always pointed to as being one of the best VGM Vaporwave albums ever made. The compositions here are just whimsically raw and encapsulate the found sound genre in the new age, all while being totally and completely removed from time. The ambience that Marc creates here is breathtaking, completely transporting you into this magically analog world of sounds and beats. You know that feeling you get when you’ve completely lost yourself in a game you're playing, and before you know it the sun has gone down and you feel totally alive? Yeah… that’s what listening to R23X’s music is really like!

(`・ω・_) ____Really Long Tutorial____

This album is chock-full of amazing little snippets and sound effects that will leave you with chills. The iconic Final Fantasy X moment between Auron and Yunalesca included in the original release was a creative choice at the time for Marc, and has been subsequently removed from this version of the release. I’m sure that has also helped with not having to deal with licensing here, and in no way does this removal detract from the overall enjoyment of the album. Instead, the opening track maintains that incredible synth tone akin to Michael McCann’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as it begins to swell it draws you ever deeper into the grooves of that ominous fuzzy drone. You can’t help but be enamoured for what comes next as a menu blip springs to life -- your quest has begun!

° ° _emotional_trip_hop_ ° °

Marc’s compositions on this record, naturally, are playful in that inherent Junker way and you're left with that sense of discovery he had while composing. The unique method he uses while mastering some of these tracks just adds to that nostalgic feeling that he emulates so well. Transferring the music to VHS and then back to digital is so creative and gives that extra bit of lo-fi enigmatic flair to what are already outstanding pieces of music. Marc is so good at putting you under this hypnotic spell that carries you all the way from beginning to end. This album is pure fun!

☆「 d r y s u m m e r 」[VHS]

The included bonus tracks closing out Sides A & B are the perfect side quest for old fans of this album and add an extra bit of discovery for the new crowd as well. It's always a blast when R23X and EQUIP collaborate and this time is no different. They both have the same tenacity and creativity about their work that is palpable, breathing new life into the genre with everything they create. As R23X closed out EQUIP’s Synthetic Core 88 vinyl release, it's only fitting that EQUIP closes this one out for Marc. That classic style that EQUIP is known for is here in spades, and his version of "d r y s u m m e r" is just a beautiful closure to this fantastical journey. Don't miss this one!


This is quite possibly one of the best releases to come out of Yetee Records this year. Taking one of their old defunct and canceled catalog numbers and slapping it on this release to give it a home adds so much flavor to the final product. I mean, YTR-00023X… how freakin' clever is that? That kind of planning and attention to detail is what I think makes Yetee Records one of the best in the business. From solid packaging to creative artists, what they've got going on is truly magical! The artwork from Jason Cryer is astounding and makes for an awesome housing for the ethereal and moving journey that it holds within the matte packaging. The shiny rainbow foil embossing present all over this release accentuates the dark sleeve so well and truly encapsulates that classic R23X elegance. It's just a thrill to look at and play with in the light. Mastering on this release was carried out by none other than Marc Junker himself who has become the resident vinyl guru at Yetee Records. His attention to detail allows for him to open up the noise floor and really lets the compositions he works on shine in beautiful ways that only vinyl could articulate. His work is impeccable. This one is a solid yes. From the newly re-imagined artwork to the eye-watering and beautifully mastered neon pink vinyl, what you have here is a gorgeous release worthy enough to find a home in anyone's collection.

Call To Adventure (Leave the Village)

I want to give a huge thanks to the Yetee Records team and Marc for sending over an advance copy for the purposes of this review. Your continued support and love of VGM WAX truly means the world to me. 💜🙏

Album Details

Music by:

Remastered for vinyl by:
Marc Junker

Artwork by:
Jason Cryer

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Yetee Records

Where to Buy?

This album has just went up for sale on the Yetee Records' website at the same time as this review! So if you like what you've read here and can't wait to get your hands on a copy, head over to The Yetee now and he’ll hook you up! Limited to 300 copies, I don't expect this one will last long, so make sure you scope one of these if you are even the least bit interested. Whether you are a fan of this album previously or a fan of R23X in general, this one should be a no brainer! If you are more of a digital connoisseur, the album is available to purchase and stream directly from R23X’s Bandcamp page. You can also download the album there in high-quality MP3, FLAC and more here: https://r23x.bandcamp.com/album/ost-1-rar-2

Purchase Vinyl Here: $25