Outlast Trilogy of Terror Announced by Spacelab9

Spacelab9 will be releasing a limited 300 run of the Outlast Trilogy on vinyl tomorrow at 10am EST. This limited edition set will be pressed on glow in the dark vinyl, and will be housed in a unique die cut “peep hole” jacket. This peephole design will allow you to relive gory scenes from the game via included inserts within the jacket. The glow in the dark nature of the jacket will also reveal hidden messages!


Also an interesting upcoming release was teased by Spacelab9 in their recent newsletter, “QUAKE II: 20th Anniversary Collection LP”. Also teased are the upcoming releases for FALLOUT 3 10th Anniversary Box SetTHE ELDER SCROLLS: Anthology Box Set, and Figment, Spacelab9’s very first game release for the Nintendo Switch.

Spacelab9 Store: https://spacelab9.com/collections/all

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