Video Game Music Record Labels

The following is a list of record companies pressing amazing pieces of work onto beloved wax discs for us all to enjoy!


Black Screen Records

Black Screen Records is a German record label based out of Cologne. They are dedicated group of gamers working directly with composers and game publishers to bring the best possible vinyl on the market to your doorstep.

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Brave Wave Productions

Brave Wave is a Japanese based music label, driven by their love of music and nostalgia. As a label, Brave Wave produces and publishes music albums, both solo and compilations, as well as composes music for video games.


Data Discs

Data Discs was the first record label producing video game music to vinyl, and they pride themselves in providing gamers with nostalgic and memorable soundtracks from their gaming childhood.



Fangamer is a leading proponent in the gaming merchandise industry as well as a charitable organization in support of GDQ (Games Done Quick) & SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick). This label has been dedicated to bringing the best of the best indie game music vinyl to the forefront of every collector’s library.


G4F Records

G4F Records is a French based record company providing the world with soundtracks for beloved games such as Furi. They have been focusing lately on a crowd sourced record pressing system, allowing gamers to pre-order records with different tiers of rewards upon successful funding.


gamemusic records

gamemusic records is a group of dedicated game music fans that run the news site Based out of Poland, this record company is dedicated to providing the community with quality releases and the gamemusic festival.


Gamer’s Edition

Gamer’s Edition started out in 2016 with the sole dedication of bringing Collector’s Edition style packaging to beloved indie games. This UK based record company pushed itself deeply into the Video Game Music Vinyl industry in 2017 with their release of Rogue Legacy, and later the soundtrack to beloved indie gem Stardew Valley.


Ghost Ramp

Ghost Ramp is a traditional record company based out of Los Angeles, California. Originally focusing on indie rock and alternative rock bands, this label has since made itself into a staple of the Video Game Music Vinyl market with often unique and defining releases.



iam8bit is a record label unique to their own. Based out of Los Angeles, this record company deals in highly artistic and dedicated releases to soundtracks of some of the industries most renowned gaming scores. Promising excellence, this record company is dedicated to meshing the world of high art and Video Game Music on wax.


Laced Records

Laced Records was founded in 2015. They pride themselves in producing the highest quality in soundtrack releases and merchandise for your favorite video games.


Materia Collective

Materia Collective is a label producing soundtracks for some of the industries greatest indie games of this generation. From remixes of timeless classics to modern soundtracks that will surely stand the test of time, this label is dedicated to bringing quality vinyl to gamers.


Minimum Records

Minimum Records is an independent record label based out of the UK. This label started in 2017 and focuses on releasing game soundtracks on vinyl and digital formats. Keep an eye out on this label for sure, as they are just starting out, but from what we have seen the potential is huge!



Mondo is a figurehead in the pop culture scene. This homegrown label has paved its way to be one of the most synonymous record labels, not only in video game music, but motion picture and television soundtracks. There is no doubt that Mondo has pressed at least one soundtrack in every collector’s library.


Ship to Shore Phono Co.

Ship to Shore Phono Co. is an independent label based out of New York. Their library of releases span a variety of generations of gaming, and they always seem to hit the sweet spot between nostalgia and modern soundtracks.


Sumthing Else Music Works

Sumthing Else Music Works is a label based out of the United States. This label started out releasing soundtracks digitally and on CD, but has since branched out to releasing on vinyl. Partnering with some of the worlds leading game developers, this label has produced some of the best soundtracks on the market.


Yetee Records

Who would have though a T-Shirt company would get into records? This company works with some of the best indie artists in the pop culture scene to curate some of the best pieces of art to grace the vinyl scene. This charitable company is making a splash in the video game vinyl industry in all the right ways!


Occasional Video Game Music Record Labels

The following is a list of record companies whose main focus is not the release of Video Game Music Vinyl but have released some occasional gaming soundtracks.


Enjoy The Toons Records

Enjoy The Toons Records is a label dedicated to pressing 80’s & 90’s nostalgia to vinyl record. A sub-label to Enjoy The Ride Records, this label has released soundtracks to beloved TV shows and movies. Their Let’s Kick Shell record is a cover tribute to the themes of the cartoon series as well as the TMNT IV: Turtles In Time video game.


Ghostly International

Ghostly International is an independent label based out of Michigan. Starting in 1999, this label has been dedicated to serving independent electronic bands in the process of making a name for themselves. Branching out into gaming releases has been a real treat from this wholesome label!


Invada Records

Based out of Bristol in the UK, Invada Records is a label focusing on alternative music and soundtracks. With no limitations to their genre specialties, the possibilities could be endless from this label in the future.


Minority Records

Minority Records is a Czech label founded in 1996. The vinyl soundtracks they have released have been mainly for games made by Amanita Design.


Music On Vinyl

Music On Vinyl is a vinyl only record label that works closely with composers to bring their licensed music directly to wax.