Shadowrun: Hong Kong by Jon Everist

Shadowrun: Hong Kong pressed on gold and silver vinyl by Black Screen Records

Shadowrun: Hong Kong pressed on gold and silver vinyl by Black Screen Records

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Get your datajacks ready, because this week we are taking a deep-dive into Jon Everist’s beloved soundtrack to Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Once the needle drops and guides into that first track, you’ll be right back into your experiences with Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Just like a junkie hopping back into Simsense, this album will make you feel right at home with its unique sound and pulsing synths that lure you deeper into an almost cybernetic trance. Harkening back to the series’ roots, Hong Kong relinquishes you into a neo-dystopian Tokyo and leaves you treading your way through dilapidated side streets, only to blind you with neon the second it winds you around the corner and plops you on the main strip. The Eastern twangs sprinkled throughout take you to a new wholly undiscovered territory within the Shadowrun universe and is truly something for any fan of the series to experience.

The Ancient Mirror

This is John’s second foray into the Shadowrun series, and he continues to show that he is the master of cyberpunk. His writing style places you directly into a realm completely unique to the setting that only Shadowrun can bring to the table. Resembling works like Vangelis’ Blade Runner Score, Jon takes us on an Eastern journey through dystopia and back. I’m sure I am not alone in anticipating what this wonderful artist comes up with next in the Shadowrun series.


Welcome to the Grid

Black Screen Records have done yet another masterful release. The gate-fold packaging and dedication from Jon Everist conveys love and pure dedication — not only to their fans, but to setting of Shadowrun itself. Personally, new art designed for a vinyl release is always a delight to see, especially when it is of such fantastic caliber. Between the negative space creating a harbor for travelling vessels, the muted yet moody coloring depicting a sun that has just begun to set, to the characters each player has come to intimately know, fans and newcomers alike can appreciate the aesthetic atmosphere that Black Screen Records have created. If you are a fan of the cyberpunk genre itself, you owe it to yourself to own this album!

Album Details

Music by:
Jon Everist

Remastered for vinyl by :
Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio

Artwork by:
Joel DuQue & Dane Baudoin

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Black Screen Records

Where to Buy?

This album is still readily available through the Black Screen Records web store, or directly through Jon Everist’s Bandcamp page. The album featured in the post came directly from Jon himself, signed, and is still available in very limited quantities. There are two different pressings available: gold & silver, or black. The album is also available to purchase and stream digitally through multiple markets along with the game through Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle. Please take a listen and support all the hard work that went into making this music possible!

Purchase Vinyl Here:

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