DOOM by Mick Gordon

DOOM by Mick Gordon pressed on red vinyl by Laced Records

DOOM by Mick Gordon pressed on red vinyl by Laced Records



Welcome to Hell

Whether you have played a title in the DOOM series or not, one thing is a fact: the soundtracks have become a synonymous part of the gaming industry since it’s inception. DOOM packs a punch from start to finish, from that original E1M1 riff all the way to Mick Gordon’s 2016 reincarnation of the Doom Slayer. From the very second you begin your journey through hell until your fiery finish, you will feel as if the music has become an extension of yourself; a literal force that drives you from demon filled arenas to not-so-long since abandoned complexes. From groove to groove, DOOM will have you feeling a part of something more than yourself. The pulsating rhythm will course through your veins and draw you deeper into the jaws of demons, with only a shotgun in hand. The work that Mick Gordon has put into this album has fully ingrained itself into the psyche of anyone who has ever ripped and tore their way through hell and back.

Rip & Tear

Mick Gordon is a force to be reckoned with in the video game music industry. He is a master at crafting musical experiences that interact with player actions. Mick has truly captured what it is like to play DOOM by simply listening to it. Working as a smooth, cohesive unit, the game and soundtrack blossom into a symbiotic relationship with you and the experiences you have while playing the game. The dedication in creating a soundtrack to such a beloved series as DOOM shows us that Mr. Gordon cares very deeply towards it’s legacy and the fans that so vehemently follow the Doom Slayer, time and time again, into the depths of hell.


Lazarus Waves

Allow yourself a chance to bring this warm slice of Hell into your home. This limited edition box set is frighteningly stunning. An infernal pit of the damned meets the eye, with flames lashed against rocks that once held the spawn you have come to destroy. When you have gathered the courage to break the plastic seal and release the demons from their inner sleeve, you will be graced by the presence of beautiful, electric red vinyl. The burning love poured into the design and packaging of this release proves that Laced Records is truly one of the best in the industry.

Album Details

Music by:
Mick Gordon

Remastered for vinyl by :

Artwork by:
Alex Palma

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Laced Records

Where to Buy?

The limited version featured in the post is unfortunately sold out. However there is a 4 LP black edition still available to order through Laced Records web store. There is a CD available as well for those interested. The album is available to stream or purchase digitally through multiple outlets!

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