Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon by Power Glove

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon by Power Glove pressed on “Neon Pink” vinyl by Invada Records

“I'm no hero. Policemen, Fireman, Janitors. Those are the real heros.”


Get out the VHS tapes and take a trip into the future with this dystopian 80's action soundtrack from the year 2007 with Power Glove's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Pressed on eye-watering pink vinyl by Invada records, Blood Dragon will take you on neon filled, bird flipping, one liner journey. This isn't your grandmother's soundtrack! With an 80's nostalgia power trip glitzed with the synthwave rock anthems of the past, the soundtrack to the 2013 standalone expansion Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon is a radioactive fuzz for your ears to enjoy!

Moment of Calm

From sweeping noire-esque overtures, you are transported into the front seat of a convertible, wind rushing through your hair as you zoom past palm trees. However, your joyride will come rushing to a halt as the music gives way to pulse-pounding beats. Suddenly, that car is catapulted into a 30 foot robotic dragon, compelling you towards tearing that mechanic monstrosity apart - cybernetic limb from cybernetic limb…

From the trope-ridden depths of the (not so) long-forgotten past, comes the retro amalgam that is Blood Dragon.

Power Core

Power Glove, the synthwave rock duo based out of Australia, absolutely took the world by storm with this release back in 2013. With pounding synth operas and pulsing sines that'll completely shatter your face, Power Glove hits your adrenal gland like a drum. In a genre saturated with derivative arrangements, Blood Dragon stands alone in capturing that 80's fueled action packed sound.

It is no doubt that Power Glove's work on Blood Dragon landed them in the spotlight with instant renown amongst video game critics and music fans. While the game itself is utterly brilliant, the soundtrack for Blood Dragon is what I feel defines it as a true work of art.

Omega Force

Invada Records made their video game vinyl debut with this album way back in 2014, and now it has been rebirthed in 2019. With an all-new pressing on what has to be the brightest pink I have ever seen, this release is absolutely incredible! Invada is powerhouse record label that has pressed music from a myriad of genres and avenues of the entertainment industry. From indie experimental  albums, television soundtracks, movies, and video games, Invada Records has done it all -- not to mention with impeccable precision.


From the retro-infused artwork by Signalnoise, absolutely blinding neon pink vinyl, all the way down to the VHS tape insert, this release will completely satisfy any and all of your nostalgic urges. The high gloss finish on the jacket makes the artwork pop in such a satisfying way. The included Bandcamp code is just gravy on top of the already stunning presentation. The only thing that would have made this double LP release any better would have been a gatefold with some crazy inner artwork! Do not miss out on this release. It's been a long four years, but I am finally happy to own this piece of gaming history in my collection!

Album Details

Music by:
Power Glove

Remastered for vinyl by :
Invada Records

Artwork by:

Vinyl produced & distributed by:
Invada Records

Where to Buy?

Although the original pressing and subsequent re-pressings from 2014 are long since sold out, Invada Records has just repressed this release for all of you that missed out on the original run. The release pictured here is the new 2019 pressing and is still readily available directly from Invada Records’ online store. Get this while you can!

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